Uber Clone

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We are one of the leading mobile app location-based and Uber like the development business of app scripts. Our Uber-like app bundle provides you with your own Uber-like app to increase you in this competitive market. We provide your clients and drivers with a customizable source code script for iOS and Android.

We’ll offer you a ready-to-use, technically sophisticated yet user-friendly Uber-like app package in just 3 days, white-labeled with your brand name and logo in a language and currency of your choice. What’s more than that? For your clients and drivers, we also launch indigenous applications for iOS and Android and get your applications approved and upload them to the iOS AppStore and Android Play store.

To kick off your company, you can use our full taxi reservation app solution. As an administrator, you will have full authority at your fingertips over the functioning of your company and can use information from the app to schedule future company movements. Get more location-based service apps at incredible rates through us.

Uber Clone is one of the mobile services ‘ wonderful and advanced initiations. Great functions like receiving a ride application and sending these journey applications to their drivers. Uber clone can provide your customers with the finest service. Help individuals choose car rides that are better, faster and cheaper. Use the brand “Uber app Clone” of a Rebrandone with one click of choice via MOBILE.



Passenger App Features

A Passenger App feature-rich offers your passengers with seamless facilities without any failures or hitches.

Modes of Payment

Our Stripe Payment Gateway allows customers to make payments immediately through their credit or debit cards.

Rides which are Scheduled

Passengers can book rides later and automatically send notifications to drivers.

Promo Codes

During rides, users can use unique promo codes and share them with friends. You can introduce virality to your app with this function.

Push Notifications

ntegrating this function is essential as consumers can obtain alerts about the place of the driver, travel fares, and other appropriate information during the Uber development phase.

Time of Arrival

Using ETA, customers can understand exactly when the driver will bring them from their location to pick them up.

Administration Panel Features

The process of Uber like app development does not involve only the rider and driver panels. Apart from these, admin panel is also important which is actually the main module of a taxi booking app. With a robust Admin panel, the service provider can track and control both the Passenger App and the Driver App with ease.

Verification of the driver

The admin can check the credibility of the driver once the requested documents have been uploaded.


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