Time Doctor

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It was introduced by the owners of in 2012 as a SaaS time tracking and productivity tool. It has parts based on desktop software, mobile and internet based components. A multi-functional time tracking software with functionality for CRM and white labeling.

Our software is aimed at helping companies:

improving team productivity dramatically.
Reduce distraction time.
By analyzing exactly where time is spent, help improve business processes.
Reduces wasted time dramatically and increases productive time.
Helps business to handle their distant employees.
When working remotely, helps in maintaining a high level of productivity.



Used Time Tracking

Time Worked on each assignment and screenshots breaks


Automated screenshots assists in monitoring chat activities.

Monitor Chats

Check the time to chat with other people.

Customer Features

Track time for customers and project.

Powerful Report Generation

Detailed reports, time sheets and more.

Usage of Internet and Applications

See which websites and applications are used.


Bill your clients time spent on projects automatically.Flexibility of all devices.Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone & Chrome app.


Integrates with all leading project management tools Time Tracking.


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