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Teramind user activity surveillance extends beyond the fundamental employee monitoring and tracking features and provides smart behavior-based assessment to provide actionable understanding and automated reactions to threats produced by employees. It can monitor staff, third party suppliers, contractors, distant and special / privileged users. Teramind UAM captures infringement events as forensic evidence with its laws and policies and takes action to alert, prevent, block and more.

Teramind UAM can also measure worker productivity, perform risk analysis, discourage unlawful information exfiltration and maintain track of how staff and third-party suppliers access company resources while logging in at job. Finally, in the event of a data breach or safety incident, Teramind offers extensive forensic data and session recordings to recognize staff and suppliers who have caused a rule breach with pinpoint accuracy along with their activity footprint.



Monitoring Of Real-time User Activity

Teramind tracks all worker activity covering 12 + system items such as: web pages, apps, console commands, instant messaging, email, file transfers, social media, keystrokes, clipboards, searches, printing and even on-screen content (OCR) in real-time.

Analytics Of User Behavior

Analysis of intelligent conduct can detect malicious activity and anomalies indicating deviation from ordinary baseline conduct. Dynamic scoring of danger and vulnerability scanning identifies insider activity before it poses a true danger.

Engine Policy and Rules

Start with hundreds of pre-built rule templates, lists of activity classification and categories of information straight away. Use an intuitive, visual rule editor to create your own policies and guidelines. To readily identify your criteria, use natural English, regular expressions and sample conditions. Create individual employee, group or department surveillance profiles.

Optimization of Built-In Productivity

Define which applications and websites you consider productive and obtain in-depth reports on how they are used by your staff. Identify laggards or high performers with active vs. idle time analysis . Establish a constant feedback loop to refine and adjust your organizational workflow by monitoring schedules, projects and commitment rates of employees to increase general productivity.

Forensics and Audit

Video recording of all employee activity, audio recording, session recording, immutable logs, alerts and optional OCR search are just few examples of Teramind’s powerful audit and forensic capabilities. Together they provide a vast collection of investigative data to locate the source of an insider threat with pinpoint accuracy.

Third Party Vendor Management

Teramind’s monitoring features cover third party vendors and remote users who have access to your critical systems. This enables you to control vendor management and third-party SLA and decreases the chances of cyber threats.

Compliance Management

Teramind UAM can be used to create activity and schedule based rules to support several common compliance requirements like: implementing audit trails (GDPR), limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, and more.


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