MywebSearch Clone

$3,845.00 $2,499.00

MyWebSearch is a toolbar that combines the most extensive search engine collection available to provide the most appropriate data. If you want to create cash with your own search engine, then here’s a MyWebSearch Clone from Rebrandone, which is a precise mockup of the real MyWebSearch. This clone is extremely strong and has a fully customizable toolbar that can be directly installed in the web browser.



Advanced Search Option

To enable search query from anywhere, anytime on the Web through leading search providers.

Ad-free tools

Allows adding free tools like Smiley Central (10,000+ smileys), PopSwatter (a popular pop-up blocker), Cursor Avatars (10,000+ cursors) and Best Screensavers (10,000+ photos).

Detailed and customized reports

Allows getting customized sports, news, money, weather, and regular tidbits through a button.

Construct your toolbars

Gives an ability to build own toolbar buttons, 200 customized link, etc.

User-friendly Interface

Simple, Clean, Intuitive and Reliable interface that is very easy to use.

Easy to navigate

Helps you to easily move around a website which helps you to work on different pages.

Security via Encryption

100% secure, as the messages or text data is transferred in the encrypted form.


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