BuzzBundle Clone

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BuzzBundle clone is a social media management system that allows individuals, businesses, and enterprises to generate more traffic through optimized interaction. This desktop-based app helps you engage with your target audience through various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other interactive forums such as blogs, and question-answer platforms. BuzzBundle scans everywhere on the web to look for the places where your brand names or target keywords are being mentioned. After that, it enlists all the results in a centralized place to let you interact with the target audience. This makes it very easy for you to reach your target audience through multiple channels in a limited time frame. BuzzBundle supports multiple accounts and multiple languages to help you cater to a diversified audience over a multitude of channels. Moreover, you also get useful analytics on how your competitors are interacting with the target market and how you can optimize your marketing strategies to influence a wider range of customer base. BuzzBundle allows you to use proxies and hide your actual location. This helps you to retain your online reputation even if you have outsourced your social media management to a third party. Moreover, you can easily switch between the proxies for smoother operations.



Multiple personas and social media accounts

You can now create multiple personas with multiple social accounts attached to each.

Multiple brands manageable through a single resource

Now you can multi broadcast from all your profiles at once.

Proxies allowed

Use proxies for hiding actual location and also use the proxy rotation feature to switch between proxies during checks.

Flexible and personalized working area

You can enjoy adjustable and flexible workspace to get maximum efficiency.

Optimized workflow

Revamp the existing procedure and execute and automate the business procedures to boost productivity.

Unlimited posts on social media channels

Auto-schedule posts unlimited content on different social media channels to maintain the consistency.

Covers all social media platforms

Got yourself covered with every single social media channels.


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